Teach Yourself Excel - Online Course Outline

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Here's an outline of the course:


1 Why Should I Use Excel ? 
2 Course Outline 
3 How To Open Excel 
4 Definitions 
5 Sheet Navigation 
6 Enter Data 
7 Change Column Width 
8 Data Validation 
9 Delete Data 
10 Format Data 
11 Save A File 
12 Dates 
13 Enter A Formula 
14 Copy A Formula 
15 Insert A Column 
16 Absolute References 
17 Copy And Paste Special Values
18 Protection
19 Freeze Panes
20 Sort Data
21 Filter Data
22 VLOOKUP Formula
23 Find And Replace
24 Inserting And Renaming Worksheets
25 Create A Pivot Table
26 Create A Chart
27 Create Hyperlinks

Each section will be no longer than a few minutes long, and the end goal is that we recreate an Expense Tracking System from scratch and learn some tricks along the way.

Now, fully familiarise yourself with the Expense Tracker system so that you know what we're aiming at.

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