Teach Yourself Excel Lesson 27 - Create Hyperlinks

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Create Hyperlinks

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So, we have added data, pivot tables, and charts. We're now going to create an index page.


  1. Select the "Index" worksheet
  2. Type "Index" in B2
  3. Select the "Data" worksheet
  4. Select cell A1
  5. Press CTRL + C to copy
  6. Select cell B3 on the "Index" worksheet
  7. Select the "Home" menu on your ribbon
  8. Click on "Paste"
  9. Choose "Paste As Hyperlink"
  10. Type the name of the worksheet in the cell with the hyperlink.. in this case: "Data"
  11. Repeat steps 3 to 10 for each worksheet
  12. Format the Index page

You should now have an index page.

Your sheet should now look like this


You have now completed the course. Give yourself a pat on the back.

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Training Video on how to Create Hyperlinks in Excel:

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