Customised OnKey with example

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Download the attached example file. Goto the module 'mod_OnKey' and run the procedure named 'Testit'.

Alternatively, paste the following code in any module and call it from anywhere in the workbook to set application onkey.

 Sub setAppOnkey(blnShiftKey As Boolean, blnCtrlKey As Boolean, blnAltKey As Boolean, strKey As String, strCallFunction As String, Optional blnSetNormal As Boolean)

    Dim strShift        As String

    Dim strCtrl         As String

    Dim strAlt          As String


    strShift = ""

    strCtrl = ""

    strAlt = ""


    If blnShiftKey Then strShift = "+"

    If blnCtrlKey Then strCtrl = "^"

    If blnAltKey Then strAlt = "%"


    If blnSetNormal = True Then

        Application.OnKey strShift & strCtrl & strAlt & "{" & strKey & "}"


        Application.OnKey strShift & strCtrl & strAlt & "{" & strKey & "}", strCallFunction

    End If

End Sub

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