05-Mar-09 NEW: Sell or Rent Out Calculator

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This "Sell or Rent Out" calculator was created specifically for a friend of mine (we'll call her Anthea) who came to me with a problem:

"I bought a buy to let property... Should I sell it now or rent it out ?"


Here's a screen shot: sell-or-rent-out

The big killer for her is the fact that the service charge is so high, and the rent so low that the mortgage is not even covered thus creating a cash black hole. She's also locked into a fixed rate mortgage with a redemption penalty.

Even assuming a property boom in 5 years time, she's still better off selling now.

There are 2 files here...

One with EXAMPLE values that we played with

One with zero values that you can download and enter your own numbers


Training Video explaining how to use the calculators on ExcelExperts.com:

  • This one is for the "Buy or Rent" calculator but the principles are the same

Sell Or Rent Out Training Video:

Enter your own values, make your own market assumptions, and use at your own risk !

sell-or-rent-out-zero-values.xls63 KB
sell-or-rent-out-example-values.xls75 KB

HOA Fees

Townhome is caught up in a flooded market. Home is NOT mortgaged. There are a number of homes adjacent to ours for sale, so we are trying to decide whether to hold on to sell or rent. There are steep HOA fees at $720 a quarter. Where do I enter those into the spreadsheet?

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Sounds like you can put it in

Sounds like you can put it in service charge

What is Annual Service

What is Annual Service Charge?

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for managed blocks of flats,

for managed blocks of flats, the management company charges a service charge for maintaining the building and amenities...

Adding some Calculations

Really it is a great tool, and im injoying using it.
but i would like to ask if i can add the following missing calculations:
1- Selling and reinvestment in other property wither in cash or mortgage
2- personal deductions or monthly expenses deductions from rental and post tax investemnt.
3- increass on inflations rates on those expenses.

Mortgage Payments

In the US, we use an amortization table to determine mortgage payments. So, your calculation for the Mortgage Payment column only includes the interest portion of the payment, not the principal.

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I'm assuming interest only

I'm assuming interest only mortgages.

Instead of using

Instead of using "-mortgage_amount*mortgage_interest_rate" use
"PMT(mortgage_interest_rate/12,360,mortgage_amount)*12" for a 30-year fixed in the US

Mortgage Payment

Since the Rent recieved is in a weekly figure does that meen that the "extra income/cost" number would be a weekly figure as well?

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extra income is yearly

extra income is yearly