71. Excel Tips - Display Excel File Path

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This is an extremely useful tip if you did not already know it:

  • There's a way in Excel to display the file path of the current open file.
  • You can add it to your toolbar, and then copy it from there whenever you need it.

Here's a screen shot of our Excel:



Steps to display the file path of the current open file (Excel 2007):

  1. Right click on the ribbon
  2. Choose "Customise quick access toolbar"
  3. Select "All commands"
  4. Then choose "Document Location"
  5. Click "Add".. and it will appear on the right


In Excel 2003, right click on the toolbar, and choose to display "web"


Note: If you have not saved the file, only the workbook name will be displayed.

Download sheet to practise how to Display Excel File Path in Excel



Training Video on how to Display Excel File Path in Excel:

display-excel-file-path.xls27.5 KB

Display excel file path

Thanks. The help was useful. Naresh.

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On PRINTOUT, in Footer, also Add FULL File Path, Excel 2010

I find it very useful to have the Filepath Details on a Printout, within the Footer:
On Excel Menu Toolbar, goto Page Layout, Print Titles, Header/Footer, Custom Footer:
Now you can add how you wish your details to appear from a list of several pre-offered very useful selections.
Add any other wording you require amongst these details.
Mine reads:
'Confidential Discretion Required',
Shows Full Path and Filename,
Date and Time of Printout allowing easy sorting/scrapping/shredding of OLD printouts, I add the words; 'Dated and Timed'
Page Numbers if required,
And since you are already in Page Setup, adjust margins on the Margin Tab,
Another useful item; on Sheet Tab, add any Rows you wish to include on the Top of future Printouts, should you need any Columns at the left they can be printed at the same time, on every printout page, in the future, of that Worksheet
Hope I am not overstepping the original intention of Nicks wonderful pointers on Screen Filepaths,
Good wishes anyway, Freddie

Very useful

Very easy to find it .:) good one....

not much useful

not really in long paths you can't see the full path...

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the only thing you can do for

the only thing you can do for really long paths is to copy and paste to notepad or something... (and there is nothing Excel can do about that anyway)

Thanks a lot..... It

Thanks a lot..... It worked...... :)

display of the path of a file

your method works great for Excel and is very simple. Thanks a lot.
However, I have not found a similar method for MSWord.
Even though this is not your specialty, you probably know about it.
Please let me know.
Thanks again.



Just a quick thank you! This has been super useful :)


Many thanks for sharing. It is really helpful to me.

file path

Thanks Nick. Very Helpful.