Teach Yourself Excel Lesson 18 - Protection

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When designing a spreadsheet, it is important to differentiate between areas to enter data, and areas that are calculating values based on that data.

Think:  Inputs    /    Outputs

As a general rule, cells containing formulae should be protected, and coloured differently, so lets do that here.

We'll revert to the version containing the formulae.

Download starting Sheet


  1. Press CTRL + G
  2. Type: F:H  
  3. Press OK
  4. Format the background colour in light grey ( Lesson 10 )
  5. Press CTRL + G
  6. Type: A:E  
  7. Right click => format cells => protection
  8. Make sure "Locked" is unchecked 
  9. Select the "Review" menu on your ribbon
  10. Click "Protect Sheet"
  11. Don't enter a password
  12. Press OK

Now, if you enter data in the data entry cells, it is fine, but if you try to type on a formula by mistake, it will not let you.

The protected sheet will look like this

To unprotect your sheet:

  1. Select the "Review" menu on your ribbon
  2. Click "Unprotect Sheet"

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Training Video on Protection in Excel:

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