Teach Yourself Excel Lesson 4 - Definitions

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Familiarise yourself with the definitions of the basic components as we'll be referring to them a lot during the course.

  • Ribbon
  • Cell
  • Range
  • Tab
  • Worksheet
  • Workbook
  • Pivot Table
  • Chart

The best way to think of an Excel workbook is one big collection of grids.

Ribbon - The menu at the top with Icons that you can click on

Cell - A single reference on the grid

Range - Several cells

Tab - Place to house cells

Worksheet - All cells on a tab


Workbook - All worksheets (no easy way to show that)


Pivot Table - Summary of data



Chart -



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Training Video on Definitions of basic components in Excel:

Wow, thanks! It was actually

Wow, thanks! It was actually pretty hard to find even the most basic Excel tutorial like what this simple 2 minute movie covers. I need tutorials that act as if I've never seen Excel before because I've never used it before! I'm excited to go through all your videos to see what I can learn without a classroom. Thanks for making these!