Teach Yourself Excel Lesson 5 - Sheet Navigation

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Sheet Navigation

Now, you'll learn how to find your way around Excel.

Practice all of these before proceeding: 

NOTE: The + in this case means hold down the first key before pressing the second once

Action Key(s) to press
Select the next cell down ENTER or DOWN ARROW
Select the cell to the right RIGHT ARROW
Select the cell to the left LEFT ARROW
Select the cell above UP ARROW
Select a range of cells Click on a cell, and drag the mouse
Select row(s) SHIFT + SPACE
Select column(s) CTRL + SPACE
Select the last cell to the left in a block CTRL + LEFT ARROW
Select the last cell to the right in a block CTRL + RIGHT ARROW
Select the top cell in a block CTRL + UP ARROW
Select the bottom cell in a block CTRL + DOWN ARROW
Scroll down lots of cells PAGE DOWN
Scroll up lots of cells PAGE UP
Select the next Worksheet CTRL + PAGE DOWN
Select the previous Worksheet CTRL + PAGE UP
Return to the first cell CTRL + HOME
Select the last cell CTRL + END

Download example sheet to practise Sheet Navigation in Excel

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Training Video on Sheet Navigation in Excel:

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