Teach Yourself Excel Lesson 6 - Enter Data

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Enter Data

From now on, we will build up a blank workbook step by step in order to make the finished Expense Tracker. Each lesson will follow-on from the previous one, and at each stage, you will be able to download the correct files at the beginning and the end.

So, Open Excel as per Teach Yourself Excel Lesson 3 - How To Open Excel and we can proceed.

You have a blank worksheet in front of you, and the first thing we need to do is to enter some data.

To enter data, simply select the cell to enter it into, and type the data.

When you have finished entering data into a particular cell, press the RIGHT ARROW on your keyboard.

Starting from cell A1 (the top left cell), and moving right, enter the following data:

Date Expense type Necessary ? Description Amount Year Month

These are the headings we will need in order to complete our Expense Tracker.

Your sheet should now look like this

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Training Video on how to Enter Data in Excel:

enter-data.xls17 KB

Entering data

Lesson 6 - Enter Data. How do you get the words like "Expense type" and "Necessary ?" under one another in the same cell?

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