Teach Yourself Excel Lesson 24 - Inserting And Renaming Worksheets

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Inserting And Renaming Worksheets

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We have finished with the data entry sheet now, so lets create an index page. We now need to insert a worksheet.

Insert A Worksheet


  • Press in sequence: ALT then I then W


  • This will add a new worksheet at the beginning of the workbook.
  • The name of the new worksheet will be "Sheet4" if the name of the last sheet added was "Sheet3".  i.e. it adds 1 to the number at the end.
  • To select the new worksheet, just click on the tab at the bottom

Rename A Worksheet

To rename a worksheet, double click on the current tab name, and type in your new name.

  • Do this now, and rename the new worksheet: "Index", and the data worksheet: "Data"


  • You cannot name a worksheet with the same name as an existing worksheet
  • Worksheet names cannot be over 31 characters long
  • Worksheets cannot be named using certain characters  ( / for example)
  • You cannnot Undo this action
  • Changing a worksheet name will automatically change any formulae / charts or pivot tables linked to that worksheet.
  • You cannot insert or rename a worksheet if the workbook structure is protected

Other things you can do with a worksheet tab:

If you right click on a worksheet tab, you'll see that you can:

  • Delete the tab
  • Move it around
  • Copy it
  • Change the colour
  • Hide it

Your sheet should now look like this

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Training Video on Inserting And Renaming Worksheets in Excel:

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