Teach Yourself Excel Lesson 15 - Insert A Column

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Insert A Column

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I now want to calculate how many days ago I spend the money, but I forgot to add a heading for that. I'll need to insert a column.


  1. Select cell F1
  2. Press CTRL + SPACE
  3. Press CTRL + SHIFT + +
  4. Type: "Days Ago" in F1


  • Inserting a column does not affect the formulae we have entered
  • Excel cleverly preserves the formatting

Your sheet should now look like this

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Training Video on how to insert a column in Excel:

insert-a-column.xls28.5 KB

Financial Analysis

Hello Nick, I need your help. I am currently designing a ratio analysis spreadsheet and I want to make it dynamic i.e if I choose year 2 from my validation list, then two columns are automatically created with formulas but without values. e.g I have year 1 to year 8 on my validation list each number representing a column. When ever i chose a number from my validation list, columns (herein as financial year)gets created or deleted automatically but with formulas maintained. Thank for your help. vba will be better