Teach Yourself Excel Lesson 17 - Copy And Paste Special Values

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Copy And Paste Special Values

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We've just learnt how to enter a formula, so this lesson is on how to convert the formulae to values.


  1. Press CTRL + G (to go to a range)
  2. Type: F:H
  3. Press OK
  4. This selects columns F to H - the columns that contain the formulae
  5. Press CTRL + C  (to copy)
  6. Press in sequence:  ALT then E then S then V   OK

Click on cell F2, and you will now see that it is a value instead of a formula.


  • If you change a date in column A, the values in columns F to H will not change any more.
  • So, only copy and paste special values if you don't want your sheet to calculate any more.
  • Use copy and paste special values to reduce your sheet's complexity when you're sure you don't want them to calculate any more or to take snapshot of some data.

Your sheet should now look like this

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Training Video on how to Copy And Paste Special Values in Excel:

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