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 Download the attached Excel file to see how the Chart Zoomer works. Click on the chart to Zoom and click again to size it back to normal.

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Regarding chart events

can you tell me how to use chart click events along with an example.

Suppose I am having a chart1 showing top 10 region wise sales.
And now if I want to see the detailed data for a particular region , I will just click on a particular region on the chart1 and I will get data accordingly on the another chart or on a pivot table.

Please reply me with the same is the same blog or my specific mail id -->

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please tell me how you do

please tell me how you do this?

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See all the modules in the

See all the modules in the attached workbook. Create/copy similar modules in your own workbook. Close and open your workbook(should be macro enabled)

@shivam : unable to understand its working..

Its really an awsome job ...
I am unable to understand its code that how it is working and how would i implement it on my graphs.
Please provide me solution here on my specific mail id -->


There is no code visible. How did you do this?

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There is code..
enable the macros, then press ALT + F11
Code is in modChartZoomer, clsChart, and Thisworkbook