29-Dec-2008 NEW SYSTEM: Expense tracker

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In times of Credit Crunch, it pays to:

  1. Know your where your money is going
  2. Make the right choices to cut unnecessary expenditure

This Expense Tracker is the key to both.

It involves a bit of work on your part, but I would really recommend doing this exercise as it helps to put things in perspective.

This looks complicated, but it's REALLY easy.

Good luck Nick

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IMPORTANT: Worried about SECURITY? Open Excel in SAFE MODE


Expense-Tracker-Data Expense-Tracker-Expense-Breakdown



Expense-Tracker-Month-Summary-Chart Expense Tracker Training Video:

expense-Tracker-zero-values.xls661.5 KB
expense-Tracker-Example-values.xls747 KB

Drop Down List

Is it possible to update the drop down list? I'd like to add to the different categories provided in the expense tracker, but it appears to be locked and protected from any changes.