Teach Yourself Excel Lesson 13 - Enter A Formula

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Enter A Formula

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We've entered some dates in our Expense tracker, and now we need to enter a formula that will tell us the month and the year of those dates so we can use this information in the summary of our expenses.


  1. Select cell F2
  2. Type: =YEAR(A2)
  3. Press ENTER
  4. Select cell G2
  5. Type: =MONTH(A2)
  6. Press ENTER


You have now entered 2 formulae that return the year and month of the date in column A.


Things to note about Formulae

  • A formula is something that you give an input, it does a calculation, and returns the answer.
  • A Formula has at least one dependent cell.
  • If this cell changes, the formula will recalculate and the value returned may change.
  • If you click on the cell containing the formula and press F2, you will see the dependent cell(s) highlighted


  • You can change the inputs to the formula by dragging the highlighted boxes around.
    • Make the input range bigger by dragging the corner
    • Change the input cell by dragging the edge
  • You can combine many formulae together to calculate what you need 

Your sheet should now look like this

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Training Video on how to Enter A Formula in Excel:

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