Vlookup? Index Match? Help please!


I am trying to do something pretty basic in excel. In Column A I have a list of 8,484 company names. Some are repeated and I need it to stay that way (Eg removing duplicates is not an option.) In Column B, I have a longer list (19,177) of company names. There are some blank fields in Column B. All the names in Column A should be found in Column B. In Column C, I have user email addresses for the company names in Column B.

I need to get the user email addresses from Column C matched up with the shorter company list in Column A. So essentially, I need to write a formula that searches the names of all 8,484 companies in Column A, finds the match in Column B, and returns the email address from Column C. Can someone tell me what formula will do this? I have tried Vlookup and Index Match and have not gotten the right result yet. Thank you so much!