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Excel Help

Hi Nick, i need a help in excel. i have a sheet which consist of the following fields: Country | Name | Email address.

I need to create a formula on a new sheet so that if i type in any country. It will extract the data from the mastersheet of that country only. i know it can be done using filters but we would like to have a formula for it.

Excel- Powerpoint Link-up

Hello Nick,

I´m Irina.

Badly need an assistance of some Excel Expert now )) I was not able to find any solution to my question in the sources available in Internet though I spent a few days trying to do that =((

So the problem as follows:
I have a few tables on the separate Excel documents- let´s say 3 charts. All of them are connected between each other by formulas. And when I change the data in the first table, the results are changing and updating in the other charts too automatically.

Now I need to make a powerpoint presentation with the use of those tables. Since I have 3 tables, I have created 3 powerpoint slides and linked the excel tables to those slides. I cpied it in the way to get the preso updated whenever the Excel sheet updates.

But though the info changes simulteniously in all 3 excel tables, in the preso it changes just on the slide containing the very table I deal with in excel.
Not on all 3 slides ((((

Is there anyway to link the slides between themselves like excel sheets in order to get the charts updated both in excel and on all powerpoint slides just with one click whenever I change the original data the the 1st base excel table?

I know I might described this problem very difficult, that´s why I can send you the screenshots in case you are not sure you understood what I meant and what my question is. :D

If u can help I will sooooooo much appreciate that cause I have already the headache because of this.

Thanks u in advance for any feedback.


Urgent Help

I need help. I have created two excel files. 1 is Price Summary containing a cell named "Delivery Time", 2 is Delivery Time Slot with a "Time Slot" Column. I was wondering if its possible to save the data that is entered in the "Delivery Time" cell into the Time Slot Column, simultanously?

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do it with a formula select

do it with a formula

select the cell in the "Time Slot" Column
press "="
select the cell in the "Delivery Time" Column
press enter..

now when you enter a time in "Delivery Time" column, it will update automatically in "Time Slot" Column

to reuse your formula for other cells:

- select the cell containing the formula
- click on the bottom right of the square around the selected cell
- drag your mouse down to populate other cells

excel copy paste function

Hi Nick,
This is sachin from india
i wnat to know how to copy entire column of excel and how to paste that in other applicaton or any third party software in non continious form,

plz help me
u can send me u suggestion on

Need Help please

Please help, been losing sleep trying to figure out a formula that will take look at cells in Column A and Column C and align the columns that match with the non matching at the end. So that you better understand, Column A & B are exported from our accounting program showing the item and the qty our program shows we have in stock. Column C & D is the items and quantities scanned by a company that does our end of the year inventory counts. We need to line them up so we can see the shortage or overage of inventory so we can make the adjustments in our accounting program. Please help I am going nuts trying to figure this out! This year I did it manually which is really time consuming so I want to be prepared for next year! Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Example of List without formula:

Item Computer Inventory Qty Item Scanned Inventory Qty

AA-333 3 AA-335 1
AL-34G 9 AL-34G 7
AL-744 3 AL-774 3
CN-222 2 CN-222 1
DD-332 5 DD-332 3
EF-224 4 JN-444 2
FJ-556 5 LL-321 1

Example of List with Formula:

Item Computer Inventory Qty Item Scanned Inventory Qty
AL-34G 9 AL-34G 7
AL-744 3 AL-774 3
CN-222 2 CN-222 1
DD-332 5 DD-332 3
AA-333 3
EF-224 4
FJ-556 5
AA-335 1
JN-444 2
LL-321 1

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wrong place

pls read this link and proceed:

Free Excel / VBA Help

  Hi  hope you can help

Hi  hope you can help me!
Basically im looking for a formula or more than one that will solve this problem:
I have a set of birth dates and a set of hire dates and need to determine a what date a person becomes retirement eligible based on the following criteria:
1.Person must be at least 50 years old,
2.Person must have at least 3 years service,
3.Both these values must combine to 60 years
The earliest combination of these factors must be determined from the date sof birth ond hire dates as opposed to the actual whole number of years, as it must be calculated to the exact day.
Thanks for the help
I lokk forward to your response!

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hi.. y this can easily be done...

Read this and put the request in the right place:

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I am back to your site after one month, and I am realizing how much I missed it! too bad I ahve to work too!
You are still the best in class!
Thank you for your puzzles. I have obsessed on 3 men on triangle. I hope this time my answer is correct.
Interestingly if it is correct it is excel that found the answer not me. In that case you may want to have a look at my "Montecarlo" simulation of the movements...
Best Wishes