Leave Tracker

Hi friends,
My boss asked for a leave tracker made in excel,dunno much.Can anyone guide.



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Check this

Copy and paste cell value from one file into another

please help.
I want to copy and paste the value of cells B6,D6 and E6 from sheet no 1 of first file into another file of sheet no 2 to these cells F10 , H11 and I13 respectively.Any formula or i need to do it in VB.
Please guide.
Srry if posting it in wrong place.



You should really start a new thread

F10 =IF(Sheet1!B6="","",Sheet1!B6)
H11 =IF(Sheet1!D6="","",Sheet1!D6)
F10 =IF(Sheet1!E6="","",Sheet1!E6)


I13 =IF(Sheet1!E6="","",Sheet1!E6)

Thank you very much, but i am really sorry, i dunno a thread

Hello , thank you very much for this help , but i am really sorry i dunno what is thread, where i need to paste this formula you wrote.Also is this possible to copy and past data from one file into another file with the help of third file.i mean the third file may have this macro button or thread you sent.???or is it necessary to write this thread into the file in which i wana paste values.Can you please share both the methods with basic level cos i am very new to excel.

Thank you very much.

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UPDATE - Jan 2012: We have a

UPDATE - Jan 2012:
We have a test version of the Leave Tracker, and will be emailing people on this list to help testing


leave tracker

please email to mel.rajagopal@gmail.com..... thanks

Leave tracker

Hi What version of Excel do you have, I can send either excel 2003 or 2010 leave tracker

Link to Leave Tracker

Hi all,

here is a newer version of the Leave Tracker

I runs with "Macros" so make sure that you enable them in your excel

here is the link any issues simply get in contact


Thank you for continuing my request for more than 1 yr........

I hope all the members are good . This is a very helpful site.