Leave System

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This is a small Leave system utility. Download the attached zip file and extract excel and access file from it. This can be used in a multi user environment as well by keeping the access database at a commonly accessible location and distributing the excel file to all users. In the access database there is a table 'M_LeaveTypes' from where you can maintain the Leave Type and Max Carry over for each type of leave. In this system an user is identified by his Windows login id.

To get started add a user (by Windows login id of his system). Click New Request on the sheet. Choose Leave Type, enter start date and No. of days. Leave schedule below it will be automatically generated ignoring Bank Holidays.

Your valuable suggestions and feedback are required for further improvement of this Leave system utility.

Leave System

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Leave tracker


I really think this system is simple but yet effective, please do update it that it send an email when someone request leave and also when is rejected or approved.

Leave Tracker

Vishesh I really find the tracker very interesting and useful please sent the updated leave tracker the one that sends email when someone apply and when the supervisor approves.

Leave System

Hello ,

I Found this leave system very interesting , could you please provide an updated version of this sheet . the one you posted need some changes , and i am trying to figure those out.

Appreciate your help. Thanks

Leave System

Noted 1 more thing is that If I am manager my leaves will be approved automatically.

Can you please fix this also.

Leave System

1. Have you able to add e-mail function?
Would it be possible to add an e-mail function, so once the staff member has captured his/her leave, an e-mail is sent the approver informing him/her that there is a leave request that needs to be actioned, and once actioned, an e-mail sent back to the person noting the leave was approved.

2. Also can you add a button to reject leave ?

Thanks in advance.

change weekend to Friday and Saturday

How do I change the default weekend from Sat-Sun to Fri-Sat?


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This functionality is still

This functionality is still not there in the system right now. Will have it implemented and upload the updated version soon.
Thanks, your feedback is really important to make the system better.

Request resolation of problem

When Click on Brows the following massage is appeared. Kindly Advise me.

(Macros are disabled because the Security level is set to high and a digitally signed Trusted Certificate is not attached to the Macros. To run the macros, change the secutity steeing or request the macros be signed by the atheor using a certificate issued by a Certificate Authority.)

Kind Regards...

Hafiz Amir Siddique

Request for brief detail.

Dear Sir,

Please send me brief detail of this funcation. I Want to amplement this in my office. I Will be very thank ful to you.

Kind Regards,

Hafiz Amir Siddique

cant get it work in excel 2010

Hi there,

I having problem on getting this to work in excel 2010 and access 2010

When i extract to C:\lv

double click the excel file, i have a pop up message that connected to database

when i need to goto mainsheet it will ask me to browse the db path

i had put the db path with and without the file name to the folder specified
and i have a run-time error '91'
Object variable or With block variable not set

went to debug mode
the system highlighted the below row in Function GetNewRequestNumber()

varMax = ExecuteDBQuery("Select Max(RequestNum) from H_LeaveRequest").Fields(0) + 1

could you please advise and help?