Leave System

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This is a small Leave system utility. Download the attached zip file and extract excel and access file from it. This can be used in a multi user environment as well by keeping the access database at a commonly accessible location and distributing the excel file to all users. In the access database there is a table 'M_LeaveTypes' from where you can maintain the Leave Type and Max Carry over for each type of leave. In this system an user is identified by his Windows login id.

To get started add a user (by Windows login id of his system). Click New Request on the sheet. Choose Leave Type, enter start date and No. of days. Leave schedule below it will be automatically generated ignoring Bank Holidays.

Your valuable suggestions and feedback are required for further improvement of this Leave system utility.

Leave System

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Get it work in excel 2010

How to went to debug mode?

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Choose the db file using the

Choose the db file using the browse option.

Error upon launch

Hi Sir,

When i launched this file,i got pop up error
" run time 91:object variable or with block variable not set" upon browse the database.

Leave System

Hi Vishesh

This leave system is amazing. Very impressive. I have been playing with it to see how it works and must say I am blown away by it.

I have noticed some things that perhaps you can assist me with.

1. If you delete leave that was approved, you cannot re-shedule leave over that period (This is a problem if a person books leave then decides to cancel it, or shorten it ect.)

2. You cannot go into negative leave. Is it not possible to let a person go into negative leave, or have an approval function to allow a person to go into negative leave?

3. Would it be possible to add an e-mail function, so once the staff member has captured his/her leave, an e-mail is sent the approver informing him/her that there is a leave request that needs to be actioned, and once actioned, an e-mail sent back to the person noting the leave was approved.

I am still playing with it. It really is quiet amazing.


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Leave System modification Draft v2

I have replaced the older version with a new one and have implemented the first 2 requests in it. Please check.

I am considering the feasibility of the 3rd request and will accordingly work on it.

I am more than happy to make it better. Your feedback is important.

leave system v2

dear Sir,
can you please advise how ccn I get the updated version of the leave system?
Aslo when u mentioned that u added the 2 requested are they the different weekend and sending emails?
did u fix the -Ve balance entering as well?
thanks in advance for your assistance.
best regards,

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Many thanks for your

Many thanks for your feedback. I will work on it and upload the same shortly.

Would request to register on the site as well.

Updated system

Hi Vishesh

Thanks for this. It's pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Have you managed to update the system? Like another user, I'd like to be able to have an email function. Is that possible?