macro to auto email multiple files

Can someone please help me with my problem below:

I have folder where about 150 files are saved each week and I have to manually pick these files from folder and email them to list of people.

Can this be automated with help of a macro that can help me select the folder I want and email all the files (including the sub folder) which meets the criteria and email them to respect peoples? The file format which has the list of email and file name is attached.

Cell C1 will contain the location where file is saved.

So in the example it should pick all file name which begin with ABC from the directory C:\DR.

so it will pick up file ABC.PDF, ABC123.PDF and also look into sub folder if these file exit and attach them to the email. All files will be PDF format only.

Can this be done??

Email List Test.xlsx9.03 KB

Hello We have these that you

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List files in folder:

Email workbook: