25. VBA Tips - Email Workbook

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There's an easy way to email a workbook with a single line of code:

  • Use "Activeworkook.SendMail"

Here's the code:


Here's the email it produces:




  1. SendMail accepts 3 parameters... Recipients, Subject, and whether you want a read receipt.
  2. Note: You cannot add a body to the mail... this is a quick and limited way of emailing the workbook.

Download sheet to practise how to Email Workbook in Excel

Training Video on how to Email Workbook in Excel:

email-workbook.xls51.5 KB
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Emailing many Recipients

To email multiple contacts, Recipients needs to be an array.

Dim myRecipients(1 to 2)

myRecipients(1) = "a@b.com"

myRecipients(2) = "a@c.com"