index and match formula


Hi Everyone - New member and fairly non-expert Excel user.

I have somehow managed to create the above formula, and it works to some extent. However, as I have discovered by reading various websites on Google, the problem with this formula is that it only finds one instance, and then it repeats that instance without finding others. So, I essentially have a long table, and the result of this formula is repeated the same each time, rather than tallying up all of the related totals.

In my case, I am looking at the cost of each employee's salary relative to how much they spend working on certain accounts. I have two tables. One contains this formula and the Group column (you see it referenced in the formula), and the other is a sheet that is being referenced which has the allocation of time and their salary (against a list of clients).

The formula works, but it only finds one instance and then that's it. I realize this is 1) because it is not an array formula, and 2) because I have no idea at all how to get the table to recognize multiple instances.

Example: We have a client, and this client might have multiple "Merchandisers" associated with working on that account. The current formula only finds the first instance of "Merchandiser" and whatever the first instance is of the associated person in that group, and that is all it does. So, it finds Jessica, but it ignores Mary and Tanya. Most clients have two or three merchandisers working on their accounts, but the formula does not address this. I need it to have a "one to many" sort of relationship whereby it finds Merchandiser, and then tallies all of the results of any person associated with that Group, along with the corresponding Client they are associated with.

Working on a Mac and do not want to use VBA.

Any help would be much appreciated.