Invoice Tracking Utility

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Here is a small Invoice Tracking Utility that simply logs the invoice details from various invoice templates. In the attached Excel file there is a 'Control sheet' to setup the utility, 'Invoice #s' sheet where log is created and 3 sample invoice templates where you enter invoice details. As you save or press Ctrl+S in your Excel file it logs the invoice details in the Invoice sheet. In Control sheet there is also an option to enable putting date stamp in file name while saving by turning this option TRUE or FALSE.

Download the attached sample file and try it yourself.

Control Sheet:

Control Sheet

Invoice Sheet (Consolidated):

Invoice Sheet

Sample Invoice Template:

Invoice Template

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Invoice Tracking Utility

hi the file is very useful!

if i want to create a sales register by item in the same file, (ie. by item, Qty, Amount per invoices), how can i modify the VBA? thanks in advance.

Good work, need some help

Dear Mr Vishal,

I found this utility extremely useful.

However, this generates invoice log for 3 invoices(samples). I want to get this for only one invoice, how can I do this?

I am not good at all in VBA, hence would appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.