VBA Macro to send Email to added recipients


I have a macro file, where as per my selection (Customer Name Selection), I;m able to send email to the specified customer. Like - Once I select Xerox Co. from the filter and click on Send E-mail button, all the fields of Xerox Co gets copied to new workbook and I'm able to send email to the recipient mentioned in the VBA code.

Now what I want is - instead of having the email id mentioned in the vba codes. I'll like to have a column of email id of all the customer in column B for each customer name (abc@xerox.com, xyz@xerox.com).

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On Filter Selection Send E-mail.xlsm21.21 KB

Some solution

Make the following changes into your code:
Set fRng = ActiveSheet.AutoFilter.Range

Recp = Join(Application.Transpose(fRng.Columns(2).Offset(1, 0)))
With olMail

  .To = Recp

  .Attachments.Add wbThis.Path & "\" & "Debit Memo Report.xlsx"

  .Subject = "DMR Fee Chargeback"

  .Body = BodyStr


End With
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somebody answer it soon...

somebody answer it soon... this might comes as handy to me as well...!