Generate MS Publisher file with VBA/Macro?


I have only a little experience with VBA and macros but I am definitely willing to learn if in fact what I want to do is possible...

What I have is a list of education seminars (Date, Time, Title, Location, etc.) in Excel. I can pick the title of one of the programs my organization does and even the facility where it will be held (there are only so many). From there, with defined lists associated in a formula, I can autofill things like program description, etc.

This is a good list for any number of things I need it for, but one thing I would love to automate is the creation of a flyer. I would like to click a button in Excel and have a flyer generated from a template in Publisher. This is what I do manually, but since it is only swapping out Dates, times, etc., I would like to see if it could be automated.

The thing is, with program titles ranging from 2 words in length to a full sentence and with descriptions varying in length, I have a separate template for each program (to account for the kerning, spacing, etc. of the text on the flyer).

So, I just want something where I could copy/paste programs needing flyers to a worksheet where I could click a button and have a new Publisher file created for each program (with file names, etc.) Then I could just do a few minor edits if necessary.

I'm asking for a lot, I think, but I'm just curious if you all think this is possible?

Thanks very much..