Expert Advice Needed on Excel Function.

Hi all! What formula should I use if I want to determine whether the score achieved by my students falls within the category of "Low" or "High" mark?

For instance,

Class A 1 2 5 4 10 Majority:Low Mark

Class B 6 8 8 19 15 Majority:Low Mark

Class C 16 17 18 20 1 Majority:High Mark

1 Low Mark
2 Low Mark
3 Low Mark
4 Low Mark
5 Low Mark
6 Low Mark
7 Low Mark
8 Low Mark
9 Low Mark
10 Low Mark
11 High Mark
12 High Mark
13 High Mark
14 High Mark
15 High Mark
16 High Mark
17 High Mark
18 High Mark
19 High Mark
20 High Mark

I am not familiar with Excel, and I tried to use the IF function (=IF(M12=MEDIAN(J10:N10),"High Mark","Low Mark")), however, I could not get the outcome that I want.

Please assist on this matter, thank you!

Hi there, If you first enter

Hi there,

If you first enter the markings in excel as you've written them here. So in column A1 write 1, column A2 write 2, down to A20 with mark 20. And in B1 write Low Mark, B2 write Low Mark, all the way down to B20 with High Mark.

Let's say you then have the first mark in E2, in cell F2 you can write '=vlookup(E2,$a$1:$b$20,2,true)'

You can them copy and paste this function and it will return Low Mark or High Mark as long as the mark you're looking up is in the cell to the left of this formula.

Hope that helps