Small Shop Utility (for mid-sized shops)

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This is a small utility to speed up the process of buying and selling between a Shopkeeper and a Customer. There are two sections (excel files) of it - Shopkeeper and Customer.

The Shopkeeper file as shown below remains with the shopkeeper where he can add/delete/modify items (Click Manage Items) and prices in the stock. 

The Update Customer copy button allows you to choose the other customer copy provided to be updated with the updated items and prices. This updated customer copy is then emailed/sent to the customer.

Shopkeeper Copy



The customer file (updated by the shopkeeper) as shown below remains with the customer. This file should be sent to the customer as and when new items are added in stock/list or if there is any price change. The customer clicks on the Create...button to generate his purchase order. The Customer then should update his contact details in the space provided, save the file and email it to the shopkeeper to supply his order. There is also an option for the customers to save their list of favourite items.

Customer Copy

I request you to send in your feedbacks or improvement requests.

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Item Detail not Populating

Thank you for posting the very useful Small Shop utility. I too have had no success in populating the txtItem box after selecting an item from the list. Have tried to modify the code to make it work and so far have failed. I am using Excel 2003 in Windows 7.

Cashier/ Point of Sale

May I get the utility for cashier as in supermarket :P to use in my small shop? I means...
when I type "Item Codes" and "Quantities", it will show something like voucher with "Total, Pay & Change" but I don't want to print it out. After selling a customer, it should be cleared.
When we check "DB Item", it should be something like...
"Item Code", "Description", "Price", "Qty", "Remain Qty", "Cash Total".
I tried a long time with excel formulas and it doesn't work. I don't know how to do with macros. Can you help me please? Sorry for my English.
Thanks you.

Customer Copy not working for me

I like this idea and was playing with it today. I put one part in the Shopkeeper's copy and updated Customer Copy. I opened Customer Copy, enable macros, clicked "Create", found the part in the drop down and selected it. I think the part's information was supposed to show up in "Item Details" at that point, but it did not. So, I tried to "Add to list" and a popup said "No item chosen." Can you help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?



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Were you able to finally get

@Steve - Were you able to finally get it working ?

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Click on the item on the list

Click on the item on the list and it will populate the item details section. Here you will be required to enter the quantity of the item chosen. Now click on 'Add to list'. Repeat the same process for all items in the list. Click on save list.

Clicked on item, didn't populate item details section

When I click on the item, it doesn't populate the item details section.


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Its working fine on my system

Its working fine on my system in Excel 2003 & 2010 both. However, here are the steps once again.
1. Click Create on sheet (Customer Copy)
2. Click List all items
3. Select the item (using mouse) in the list. Item details section should now be populated with selected item details
4. Click Add to List.

Let me know if it works. Which Excel version is yours ?

Not working for me in Excel 2007

Not working for me in Excel 2007


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Are you able to see you added

Are you able to see your added items in the list at all ? Please confirm.


Yes, but when I click on them, nothing is populated in the "Item Details" section