Can Anyone Simplify this expression?

Hi there every one. I have built a mini CRM type spreadsheet to track very specific client appointment centered information. I also built a couple of summary pages that I want to have calculate some reporting numbers for me based on the information.

In this specific formula, I am wanting to calculate the sum of several columns, each one individually relating to a date range in a coordinating column (so the total of 7 columns is based on the 7 coordinating columns holding date range). Below is the expression I developed to give me the accurate count. However, this formula is so long, I am wondering if anyone knows a shorter, or simpler way to express this formula.

Also, just to clarify, I am totaling this equation on a separate worksheet than where the data is held. The 'CLIENT!' is the worksheet where the data is held.


In case it helps to clarify further, this formula is giving me the total number of hours spent with clients in a quarter. The reason there are multiple hour columns, is that we track by 1st appointment, 2nd appointment, etc.


It's not something that I've done a lot of because i do more coding. However, have a look at this link about DSUM that should solve your query. And has the added benefit of you learning the database functions in Excel

Ohh! its too difficult to

Ohh! its too difficult to understand what you trying to say, please show this in good manner.

Quick Question

Any help is much appreciated. I am having a brain fart. I need to calculate the total amount of commission from the commissionable gross in H2. I am paid a flat $125 plus 10% of the commissionable gross. 125+H2(.1)???