Excel/VBA/Macros Freelance Programmer

Reference: JOB1455

We are a full-service I.T. firm seeking remote programmers with Excel/VBA/Macros skills on a contract basis.

Please contact us, providing your hourly rates range.

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Excel / VBA / Data Programmer for Hire

I am an expert Excel / VBA / Data Programmer with over 8 years of experience. I've manipulated massive data sets, solving data errors, and transforming data.

I'm available for hire for contract work. You can see a sample of my work portfolio here http://excelbootcamp.com/about-me

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Data Analyst Freelancer


Please accept this as my application for the position of Data Analytics Freelancer. I believe I possess the specialized skills that would make a valuable addition to your Work.

I possess more than 4 years of progressive experience in the fields of Data Analytics. For the past 1 year I have started my own Consulting firm “Excel Solutions” where I am working on different data’s to enhance my experience and expertise in various VBA programming styles and DASHBOARDS for numerous target audiences on Budgeting & Forecasting, Financial Reporting, Variance Analysis, Automation, MS Projects and etc.

Working as a freelancer, I have started accepting opportunities in data analysis and modelling, pursuing coursework and competitions. Freelancing has enhanced my organizational and multi-tasking skills to successfully manage multiple assignments and meet deadlines. My focus and excellent time management skills enabled me to work independently without distraction.

I have had an abundance of experience in various tedious and Critical projects which require Compiling of Large Chunks of data to Dynamic Dashboards and VBA Automation Projects. I have also gained basic MS Access and SQL knowledge as well as an understanding of various other Sub sets of VBA Programming.

Since I had worked with both Onshore and Offshore Clients so my utmost priority is Client Satisfaction. Additionally, I have always targeted and achieved to deliver the results more than Client Expectations.

I look forward to being able to assist you in projects which will ease your task as much as required.

Please let me know if you have any queries.


Skype ID : Excelsolutions2050

bangalore - need Excel VBA programmer for 1 month contract

We are an startup in bangalore. We need 1 Excle-VBA programmer for 1 month contract.

Need to work on full time basis working on our place.
Project shall be worth Rs. 30k-40k for completion.

can also be taken on part time, however, it is to be worked on at our place.

Call : 0 97412 77800
mail : uday1.msn@gmail.com

Still looking? Unbeatable offer!


I am an MBA from a top 5 (USA) school (currently ranked #1 globally in strategy, my concentration. During this MBA, I completed 2 independent studies in VBA for Excel and Access. I also took graduate level coursework in spreadsheet modeling and highly sophisticated analytics with add-ons.

I am presently working on a second master's--this one in software engineering from a top 3 (USA) school. Prior to graduate school, developed EXTENSIVE experience with Excel, Access and VBA which included ad hoc work, complex analysis, the creation of a new auditing department and the advanced spreadsheet mechanisms to accompany it, and, probably most substantially, the development of an entire GUI utilizing nothing but Access, VBA and one automated information upload daily.

This became the sole application used by an entire department of about 50 people, and had a massive impact on the productivity of both the managers and front line employees.

I am fully capable of doing top level work, reflective of my education and experience. But, because I am trying to establish a presence as a remote/teleworking/freelancing expert, I am (at least initially until I establish myself well in the freelance world) willing to accept a practically unbeatable rate of pay for someone with my English skills, analytical skills, and Excel/Access/VBA abilities. If you are in any way hesitant, I can likely procure a copy of the VBA-enhanced Access GUI from my pre - MBA employer. However, because of IP issues, I cannot public ally post it.

Alternatively, I will complete any task of your choice to demonstrate my skill level, delivering it in the timeframe you require.

I am severely reticent about posting my information online, but if you would like to contact me to take advantage of this unique opportunity to secure a highly talented, highly business savvy, expert spoken and written communicator, email me at mnoesen@umich.edu. Once I establish contact then I have no problem sharing all contact info. I am presently located in the Chicago area of the United States.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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Excel/VBA/Macros Freelance Programmer

I am VBA programmer to 12 years old, live in Brazil and I am available for work.

Professional Excel Dashboard Creator


I am working as a Business Analyst in one of the world's biggest pure play analytics company. My daily work is to simplify and solve business problems by creating dashboards for the client and doing analysis on it. I have messaged you a showcase of my work.

I know actions speaks louder than words. . Here is the link which showcase my work in vba

Thanks and Regards

EXcel Freelancing Programmer


I have 8 years experience of using Excel and VBA to produce management and business information from underlying data. Rates are negotiable depending on the nature of the projects.

Any requirements, let me know.


Urgently require VBA developer to work in bangalore

Call - +919611579659

Urgently require VBA developer to work in bangalore

Call - +919611579659

BI reports using Excel & VBA


I have several years experience of using Excel and VBA to produce management and business information from underlying data. Rates are negotiable depending on the nature of the projects.

Any requirements, let me know.


Freelancer Expert in MS Excel, VBA Macros, PPT


I am a freelancer based in india. I have more than 8 years experience in MS Excel, Powerpoint, Advanced excel tools, automating reports using VBA Macros, etc.

Please visit my site macromatician.blogspot.com

If you are interested, please write to me macromatician@gmail.com

I have over 22 years of IT experience 13 years of Excel VBA exp

Feel free to reach me at kurt-nichols on skype.

I can help you complete your projects successfully!

I also have over 8 years of Microsoft SSRS experience and Crystal Reports.

Hi. I'm very interested in

Hi. I'm very interested in your job. In fact i have good understanding and knowledge in vba macro coding/vb standalone applications (5 years in VBA developing). Have done series of projects with web scrapping, transferring data from/to excel-word, data analysis, files, databases routines.
So feel free to hire me if you want quick and accurate solution.

I'm always available in Skype (Skype ID: vital.ms)


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Freelancer Excel VBA

Gusto en saludarlos, tengo experiencia en el desarrollo de aplicaciones a medida utilizando VBA de excel, si desean contactarme lo puedes hacer por medio de mi correo o por Skype.




 Correo: freelancer.excel.gt@gmail.com

 Skype: fexcelgt


12 yrs experienced in excel

I have been working on excel since 2000 as a professional. I have worked with various companies, preparing their accounts on excel '98, 2000, 2003, 2007 and now 2010. I am well versed with Pivot tables, vlookups, vmarkup formulae and other conditional formatting. I have the confidence to finish the work in time, keeping intact the quality. As far as hourly rates are concerned, it is negotiable.

Hence, I should be given a fair chance to prove my worth.

Abhilash Rath
+91 9438671673

send me your email id

I have some work, using macros.

We can discuss after I send mail

send me your email id

I have some work, using macros.

We can discuss after I send mail

Interested in Freelance work


I'm interested in working as Excel - VBA freelance work.

Currently I'm working as Report Analyst in Bangalore, India.

I have worked 6 years in Excel Reporting, VBA programming and SAS.

If you are interested please get in touch with me through email. My id is macromatician@gmail.com


Excel/VBA/Macros Freelance Programmer


I'm very much interested in this,i have been looking for same kind since long time.
I have been working as a VBA programmer past 4 years.
Currently working for a finance sector as a FP&A analyst prior to this
was worked as a business analyst,Have a good knowledge od IT,Finance and
Process management with this am a Advance Excel Trainer.

Qualification:Bachelor of Engg(Information Science and Engg)
SKILLS : Advance Excel,VBA,SQL,PL/SQL and APEX.

Text me on:- basavg@gmail.com

I have send u mail

plz check it

Excel Freelance Program


Please share your geography. I am from Delhi.


Abhinav Gupta

Excel/VBA/Macros Freelance Programmer

Reference: JOB1455

I may be interested in freelance work. I have approx 20 years experience writing spreadsheet solutions within the Finance / Management Information and IT departments of a UK National communications company and a leading Global IT Outsourcing company. I started writing macros and spreadsheet solutions combining Supercalc & Rapidfile in the early 1990s and migrated to MS Excel in 1993. Since then I have produced many systems including manipulation of vast quantities of data from one of the countries largest mainframe systems (I received a naional company award for that one). I have saved company time and money by simplifying, and automating repetitive labour intensive data input. I use mathematical logic and data validation methods to automatically verify and audit data input/output to ensure data quality and integrety. I also specialise in product costing analysis and presentation.

Contact hensonson@aol.co.uk for more information