30. VBA Tips - Fast Search

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Do you have a large amount of data held in an Excel Spreadsheet ?

  • If so, you will be well aware how difficult it is to find things

This tip demonstrates a way using VBA that enables you to search through your data really quickly, and helps you to find what you are looking for.

What I have written is a demo I used for searching through flight details.

- You type the airport in the box, and the code loops through the records, and returns the relevant airports.

Here's a screen shot of our data in Excel:


As you type, the code looks in the DB for the string, and displays the results where the string "Lon" is found:


Download sheet to practise how to Fast Search in Excel

- Open the sheet, and type "LONDON" in the box for a demo

If you would like ExcelExperts.com to implement this for your Excel based system, please contact us to Request a quote



Training Video on Fast Search:

fast-search.xls72.5 KB
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Debug Error on wrong entry

If I try to enter some string which is not there it goes into Debug. I tried 'lom' and 'emb'.

not complete

hi Vish
Yes, it needs a bit more work to make it perfect.

how can i download this file

Hi vish,
may you please tell me how can i download this file to see the code. right now i can see only a blank page when i am trying to click on attached excel file.......?