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Stamp Duty Changes From Autumn Budget 2014

Stamp Duty Changes

Help needed for expenses analysis

Hi All

I need to analyse the expenses month over month as attached in the sheet.Please let me know some ways in excel available



Automating transfer of seledted data from one sheet to another in excel 2003

I have many rows of data in sheet 2 of the workbook which is made up of 4 columns of text and numerical data.
What I would like is for the operator to select a record using a drop-down menu in a cell and all of the data appertaing to that record be copied onto sheet 1, is this possible?

Blank workbook problem in Excel 2007

My blank workbook is now so huge when I open it up. What happened?...and how do I fix it?

NOT so Xcellent...

have gotten very frustrated with a workbook/page issue in what i call a WOTC (Waste Of Time Challenge )... so here i go...
on the left column i have 60 different names with 10 more columns named differently, say A to J labeled from date 'net'. then there are 12 pages total to set up the workbook. then what i want to be able to do is to pull out one of the 60 names and 'stack' that row from each of the 12 pages to make a page of summary for that row name... so to say, an individual worksheet for that line...

to WOTC or not to WOTC...

that is my question...

Excel Problem

Good afternoon,

VBA: Creating function to find last row of the sheet.

Hello Experts.
Can somebody help me with the following query... This code will find last row of a sheet..but do not want to repeat for every sheet.

Dim lrow as long
Lrow=range ("a"& rows.count).end (xlup).row

Please help me to create function which can be used for any sheet..Thanking you in Advance.

Need VBA help for excel

Hi, could anybody please write a vba code for creating text format?
ex: the cell should be of 11 digits which first 4 digits should be alphabet followed by 0 and rest of the digits are numeric (SBIN0123456). If anything typed wrong should be alerted with error message.

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Impact Of Labour's Mansion Tax


Mansion Tax Analysis in Excel - Labour's nationalisation of London homes


Today, we'll use Excel to look at the impact of Labour's Proposal for Mansion Tax for properties over 2 million,and demonstrate some interesting findings.

The Labour party is proposing a tax on properties over 2 million. They label this a "Mansion Tax". The idea is that wealth is redistributed from the "Mansion" owners, and used to fund the government's overspending.

Calculate a list of Averages from a Timesheet

Hi Guys

I want formulas that will calculate a summary of averages from the timesheet attached(actual spreadsheet has over 50,000 rows with 12 employee). My aim is to be able to see, when I expand each subtotal/month, the average hours worked per day/week/month for the month/subtotal and in the same manner as the number of counts for all employees - summarised below the table (highlighted yellow).

In other words, each subtotal will have its summary of averages below the table when I collapse it. Cells without data should be ignored in the formula

Many thanks

Freeze first tab in first position

I know that Excel doesn't allow you to freeze one tab in the first position (i.e. making sure that a user cannot insert/move another sheet to the first position). Are you able to offer any suggestions on some VBA code that will do this for me please? I'm stuck!

Formula issue


I have a worksheet titled Sample on which cell B5 is the due date and cell B4 is the completion date. I want to use conditional formatting on a separate worksheet that displays a dashboard of the project in which a cell will fill red if the due date is today or has passed but the completion date is blank. I'm doing something wrong with the formula but cannot figure out what. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

=AND(TODAY()>=Sample!B5, Sample!B4=" ")

Formula to automatically assign the next sequential number to documents in an Excel register

I'm creating a register in Excel to number engineering documents. Each document will have a unique number and will follow this numbering structure:

Discipline Code - Document Type - Sequential Number

Example: ELE-DRW-0001. This is the 1st electrical drawing in the register.

I'm trying to find the formula that will assign the next sequential number to new documents depending on their discipline code and document type code.

Example: If I am registering a new electrical drawing, I'd like Excel to give it 0002 as the sequential number.

How to Fix “Excel 2013 has stopped working” Error Message

I am a regular user of MS Excel and my complete work is dependent upon it. Recently, I have encountered an error with it, and it was 'Excel 2013 has stopped working'. Every time, I opened Excel, it crashed, and gave me this error. It annoyed me a lot, and I have decided to resolve it by myself. Here, I am describing the solution steps, which I have followed to fix this error.

need help with copy and paste code

the code works fine but I need to change it copy and paste the spreadsheets it collects from my other files to the current workbook where the code resides. It currently saves a to new workbook.

Sub CopySameSheetFrmWbs()
Dim wbOpen As Workbook
Dim wbNew As Workbook
'Change Path
Const strPath As String = "C:\Users\lap\Desktop\file2\master1\"
Dim strExtension As String

'Comment out the 3 lines below to debug
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
On Error Resume Next

ChDir strPath

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Excel VBA Reports and Auditing Expert


I'm interested in working as Excel - VBA Reporting freelance work.

Currently I'm working as Reporting Analyst in Hyderabad, India.

I have worked over 7 years in Excel Reporting, VBA programming and also Auditing.

If you are interested please get in touch with me via email: / Phone: USA-Phone# 929-800-3813, skype:


Excel help with a Formula

Looking for excel formula to calculate percent of time using standard deviation and mean.

Have existing macro available to open on each new Excel spreadsheet

I need to figure out if it's possible to have my EXISTING macro set up so that each time I open a NEW spreadsheet in Excel, I can run the macro in the same spreadsheet.

For example, if I export a set of data into Excel from another program, and the Excel spreadsheet opens with the data, I want to be able to click on "Macros" and be able to choose the Macro I need right there.

Can anyone please help me set this up?

VBA code to execute Java-script on webpage


I am stuck in automation of a website by VBA. It has Javascript under a dropdown menu(Download). I wrote down VBA code but neither it gives any error nor it executes the Java script. Here is HTML code

  • Download
  • and VBA code

    For Each MyHTML_Element In IE.document.getElementsByTagName("a")

    Product Review: Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair Software

    Verdict: Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair is a professional tool to fix corrupt or damaged Excel files and restore the Excel objects to a new blank Excel file. The tool supports XLS and XLSX file repair from any reason of corruption. With this tool, you can recover objects like charts, chart sheets, cell comments, worksheet properties, and other Excel data.

    How to delete undesired rows

    I have reports in which no. of rows has been changed. I have create a macro to sorting the report. Its work fine with 144 rows. But whenever there are more rows in report macro still shows first 144 rows. How can I program my macro to work accurately?

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    Need formula assistant for calculation of Intrest:

    as attached images, I need to calculate interest rate according to thecondition.

    Help Me!

    Excel Interest calculation

    Can i use a date picker to go to worksheets that are named as dates

    I have a workbook that has 365 worksheets, one for everyday of the year. They are named by date. Can I use a date picker to go to the corresponding worksheet. I am using Excel 2013

    How enter data in multiple rows of excel, by calling them from VBA Macro?


    I have a excel database, which contains different classes e.g. Class-1, Class-2 and Class-3 and every class has 10 different names. Now I want to create three macros by the name Class-1, Class-2 and Class-3, so that if anybody in that excel sheet writes =class-1, then the names which are linked with class-1, shall displayed in excel rows. Simillary on the same sheet other classes may also be called, when required.

    If anybody can solve this, it would be a great help.


    How to Open a Corrupt Excel File

    When you are not open an Excel workbook, it means, your MS Excel file are damaged. The Microsoft Excel Application already provide AutoRecover feature that enables the damage file to be re-opened and simultaneously Fix it. But, however, the application of Excel are not always start the file recovery process each time, you attempt to open a damaged workbook. In such condition, you must attempt manual Repair process. All manually Repair process mentioned below:


    How to Recover Data from a Damaged Microsoft Access Database Table

    Microsoft Access database tables hold all the data within it. At times, databases tend to get damaged due to various reasons and exhibit error messages. You can face problems when you perform various functions. Some of them occur when any one of the following conditions comes in front.


    Database Programming using VBA/Excel


    Can anyone please instruct me how to use my current worksheet containing 5 columns as a table in a relational database? This way, I can use codes like SELECT....FROM....WHERE...ORDER BY... as in database programming.

    I am new to VBA and I apologize in case my question is trivial and ill-framed.

    Thank you very much.

    Top 5 Methods to Repair your Corrupt Excel 2007 File

    MS Excel is widely used for storing and managing data in both text and graphical forms. Being a part of MS Office suite, Excel is used in various companies, colleges and institutions, and at many other places for keeping data in organized form with the help of its inbuilt formulas, formatting techniques, filters, and other internal functions. One of the major features of MS Excel application is data portability, which makes your data accessible on any Windows based computer.

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    Solution to "Macro code that will repeat x number of time based upon a cell in my excel spreadsheet"

    This is solution to post at: Example file is attached.

    Macro code that will repeat x number of time based upon a cell in my excel spreadsheet
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    Solution to Budgeting

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