XLA routines: EE_FilterAndCopyToNewSheet

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Use EE_FilterAndCopyToNewSheet to filter data in a table, and copy the results to a new sheet
Sub EE_FilterAndCopyToNewSheet(rngTable As range, strHeading As String, strCriteria As String, strCopyToSheet As String, Optional blnAppendToExistingSheet As Boolean = True)
'- same as filter and remove, but instead copies results to a new sheet
'- replaces the sheet if it exists already
    Dim intHeadCol      As Integer
    Dim wksTgt          As Worksheet
    Dim wbk             As Workbook
    Dim rngData         As range
    Dim rngTgt          As range
'http://excelexperts.com/xla-routines-eeFilterAndCopyToNewSheet    for updates on this sub routine

    intHeadCol = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(strHeading, rngTable.Rows(1), 0)
    Set rngData = Intersect(rngTable, rngTable.Offset(1))
    If rngTable.Parent.AutoFilterMode = True Then rngTable.Parent.AutoFilterMode = False
    rngTable.AutoFilter Field:=intHeadCol, Criteria1:=strCriteria
    Set wbk = rngTable.Parent.Parent
    On Error Resume Next
    If EE_SheetExists(strCopyToSheet, wbk) Then
        Set wksTgt = wbk.Worksheets(strCopyToSheet)
        If wksTgt.range("A1").value = vbNullString Then
            Set rngTgt = wksTgt.range("A1")
            Set rngTgt = wksTgt.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Offset(1)
        End If
        'Call EE_DeleteSheet(wksTgt)
        Set wksTgt = wbk.Worksheets.Add(after:=ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(ThisWorkbook.Worksheets.Count))
        wksTgt.Name = strCopyToSheet
        Set rngTgt = wksTgt.range("A1")
    End If
    rngTgt.PasteSpecial xlPasteAll
    Err.Clear: On Error GoTo 0: On Error GoTo -1
    Application.CutCopyMode = False
    'Clear Filter
    If rngTable.Parent.AutoFilterMode = True Then rngTable.Parent.AutoFilterMode = False
    Set rngData = Nothing
    Set rngTgt = Nothing
    Set wksTgt = Nothing
    Set wbk = Nothing
End Sub