XLA routines: EE_ClearColumnsData

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EE_ClearColumnsData clears the data but not the header for a range of columns.
Sub EE_ClearColumnsData(FromCol As Variant, Optional ToCol As Variant)
' http://excelexperts.com/xla-routines-eeClearColumnsData for updates on this routine

' - FromCol and ToCol can either be a column, a letter, a number, or a heading
' calls EE_ClearColumn and puts headings back

' Example
' Age
' 1
' 40

' =>
' Age

' i.e the data is cleared, heading remains
'http://excelexperts.com/xla-routines-eeClearColumnsData    for updates on this routine
    If Not IsMissing(ToCol) Then
        If ToCol = "" Then
            ToCol = FromCol
        End If
        ToCol = FromCol
    End If
    If VarType(ToCol) = vbString Then
        ToCol = CLng(range(ToCol & "1").Column)
    End If
    If VarType(FromCol) = vbString Then
        FromCol = CLng(range(FromCol & "1").Column)
    End If
    Dim i As Long
    For i = FromCol To ToCol
        If Cells(1, i) <> "" Then
            EE_TableGetColumnData(Cells(1, i)).ClearContents
        End If
End Sub