VLOOKUP or something else?

Hi all,

I am unsure whether I should be using a VLOOKUP or maybe an IF function for what I would like to achieve...

On the "Register" sheet I have a register over 4 weeks with students names in Column A and data I need in Column B:J.

I then have the register with some overall figures towards the end.

Over the course of the year the number of students on the document will be in the 100's.

What I would like is for the Students name, data in Column B:J and the amount of times attended in Column AL to be inputted automatically on the sheet named "Table Tennis" once they have attended at least once.

I then need the same for Gymnastics, Cheerleading etc.

As an added bonus (but not essential)...

I would like on extra sheets if possible an automated way of getting the following:

Sheet 3:
Student ranked order by % of clubs attended (maybe as a filtered table to allow a year group ranked order aswell)

Sheet 4:
Headline figures:
Overall % of Year 7 that attended clubs (broken down into male/female)
Overall % of FSM students that attended
Overall % of students that attended with respect to whole school (say for example there are 250 students in school, 50 per year group split 25 male 25 female)

Any help appreciated

Lunch Club Analysis v2.xlsx21.49 KB

Completed Spread Sheet


 I believe I have added all the fields you have asked for. I also added some conditonal formating to each club's sheet to allow you to type in new student's names and It will add in boxes around the name.

I don't think I can attach a file via a comment, so I left it in another thred I created titled "For Josh60"




Let me know if this covers everything you asked for!

These formulas are all made so you can drag them down if needed.



VLOOKUP or something else?

If you want it automated, perhaps is writing code in VBA a better solution. Functions in an excel sheet are easy to delete or to be overwritten.