VBA / Excel & Forecasting

Hi,I was wondering if anyone can help. I have developed a forecasting model in excel (Holt Winters). I have set up the forecasting model for one product, but I have approx 600 other products. The excel sheet with all its functions that I developed for product one, I wish to replicate exactly for all the other products by hitting a button and it opens a new sheet exactly the same as the first with all the excel functions/ calculations included. every time I hit the button it opens a new sheet with same format and calculation capability...it needs to increment new sheets 1-600 with equations built in exactly in each new sheet....Can any one help. I can send you my excel forecast model if that helps
Thanks in advance

You can just assign to a

You can just assign to a button the code to copy your sheet:

Sheets(1).Copy after:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)


Hi thanks for that, but when I copy and open a new sheet will all the associated formulas in the original sheet be copied also to that new sheet?




thanks...I got it to work...many thanks