Multiple Choice (Questionnaire/Survey) generator

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Here is an utility to generate a simple multi choice questionnaire/survey (as you wish to use it). The survey response files can be collated using the collate responses button and selecting the created files

Multi Choice

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Creating many sections of the same questionnaire

Hi Vishesh!

Thank you for your wonderful questionnaire generator! I am a beginner user of excel, and this makes it a lot simpler to create a questionnaire and collate/analyse the results using excel!

However, is there a way I can create more sections (under a different header) in the questionnaire? This is because my questionnaire is longer, and I would like to split them into different sections so that it seems more organised.

In addition, can I also change the font settings for the questionnaire?

Sorry for the many questions, and thank you so much!

How to change answers on this questionnaire/survey

Dear Vishesh,

Can you please help me. I want to use your excellent questionnaire/survey, but I cannot change or input longer list of answers, or to change answers...

For example every question need to be scale from 1-5, 1 for important up to 5 not important, 1 strongly disagree - 5 fully agree

Can you help me please :(

Change the "quest" type to "radio" in any row in his tool

You can change the type quest to another type like radio by selecting type in column A

Question regarding questionnaire.xls

Hello Vishesh, Your Excel based survey is a very useful worksheet. I have modified it to enable surveys for a safety program. My question is: For a specific question, can one of the radio buttons within the answer group for the question be set such that a default radio button is marked when the spreadsheet is created? How would I modify the macro to enable this? I look forward to your response and help. Thank you for this assistance. With regards, Amitabha Kumar 

Extremely helpful. Saved me

Extremely helpful. Saved me from tons of work. One question though, is it possible to add a limitation to maximum answers checked, in checkbox kind of questions. Ty again for this amazing utility.

Nice Tool

Pretty impresive tool, but I receive an Error 400 when I will create the questionnaire.
Do you have any recommmendations?
Thank you.

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400 error

the tool was fine before, received the same error message week ago, checked addin folder, no file as "Spreadsheet Assistant 2007 2010.xla" was found, looks like it never exists

Very useful tool!

Very helpful tool for a project I'm working on, could you share the code for me to make modifications?

Questionnaire - Vishesh on 13 March, 2012 - 21:43

After the QUESTIONNAIRE is prepared
How does the participant answer the survey - by selectin the radio buttons after answering all questions

Why there is no submit button