Multiple Choice (Questionnaire/Survey) generator

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Here is an utility to generate a simple multi choice questionnaire/survey (as you wish to use it). The survey response files can be collated using the collate responses button and selecting the created files

Multi Choice

Questionnaire.xls73 KB

Hidden Data.

Thank you for this development tool - very nice.

Need assistance though - it will only generate 75 lines into the form. My survey is much longer. Can you help?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Vishesh, this is a very

Hi Vishesh, this is a very useful tool. Is there a way to pre-populate some of the fields based on records in another worksheet? e.g. look in a database spreadsheet as it generates the form, pre-populate with fields from each row (record) and then save a copy of the form as a separate work sheet with the filename according to one of the fields (something like "First Initial - Last Name - Membership Number.xlsx")?

really good program, can you

really good program, can you explain your code in detail? I want to try to learn to modify it, thanks

Excellent tool; be careful

Excellent tool; be careful not to leave spaces between questions.

its very special. thanks

its very special.