Simulate enter key with key combinaton

In Excel 4 for Mac I had a macro that changed the function of the ENTER key fro the same as the RETURN key to instead enter the value in the current cell and stay in that cell instead of moving to the next cell down as the RETURN key does.

I am now using a MacBookPro-17 and there is no enter key. So, I wrote a macro for ON KEY to change the action the perform the ENTER macro when the FUNCTION and RETURN key are pressed. It worked until I quit Excel and restarted. Now it doesn't work. I think it has to do with the new files being XLSM fiels and the macro language is different.

I don't really care what keuy combination I use.

I had another macor that used the CMD-OPT-q key combination to toggle selected cells between yellow and no color. it als o does not work in Office-Excell 2011.

Any pointers on this will be greatly appreciated.

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Simulate enter key (suggestion)

Though I have never written macros in Excel 4 but from whatever knowledge/experience I have in VBA I would like to suggest that the ON KEY should be called while the workbook is being opened. Only then ON KEY behavior will come into effect.
Its similar to writing Application.Onkey in Workbook_open event in usual VBA coding.