Pulling data question

Ok so I am not an expert at excel, but I know basics on how to pull from different sheets.
That being said my issue is:
I have Sheet 1 (Builder List) that contains all the builders that I work with, you will notice there is an empty column that is labeled "Total YTD Price". I want to transfer data from Sheet 2(Project Tracker)Column F that is labeled "Total Cost"

Example.) Sheet 1(Builder List), B37 is my builder "Great Northern Construction". I want all the price data from sheet 2 (Project Tracker) for all of my Great Northern Construction projects to have a running total on sheet 1 (Builder List)in cell C37. I will eventually do that for all my builders but I cannot figure out the formula on how to do it.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Builder List.xlsx22.74 KB