Please Help Me!!! Anyone. I need a Title Generator - I have description and examples - I lack the knowledge - Any one Help??

This will be the first attempt to explain the scope of this "Title Generator" project. The title generator (TG) would look at a base Title that has been manually constructed - see column B located on the excel 1) Base and Generated Title work sheet. The Titles use Standard and ASCII Fonts and Characters. Once the base title (BT) has been constructed the TG would scan the BT (Base Title) then do a combination of rearranging the text / words and altering the ASCII characters. The generated Title is displayed in Column D. There is a total character limitation of 70 characters per title ASCII control characters use 5 characters. Repeating this process will build a large ‘Title List” in a short time.
The last step in the TG is to refresh the “Title List”, essentially generating new titles from previously generated titles. The work book 2) List Title Generator demonstrates this request.

Title Generator Description 01-14-2013a.xls166 KB

Any Direction or Suggestions?

I have been watching and looking for suggestion even an offer to write this macro for a fee. Nothing yet, is my project explained well enough? Is it to weird? Ok, I still need help.

Thanks a Million