Mutiple Look Ups

Hi All,

I'm stuck on a spreadsheet I'm creating and wondered if someone could help.

I have a list of 192 countries. This list is definitive and used for all clients however not all clients will have a value in each country.

What I want to achieve is a lookup that only shows the countries that have values.

I have tried NestedIFs but I can only get it to find the first country ad none subsequently. Given that there are so many countries, the formula gets horrendous too. I've tried VLookUp but again, this needs to be done in a way that I would have a list of 192.

Is it possible to have a new worksheet which fills in from say cell A1 the country and cell B1 the value but ONLY for the countries which have values in the other worksheet?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Affy99, unless I am

Hi Affy99,

unless I am misunderstanding your needs, is there any reason why a pivot table won't resolve this?


Hi Mec, Possibly, I have

Hi Mec,

Possibly, I have never really used pivot tables - Is there a tutorial somewhere?



Hi Affy, Sorry for slow

Hi Affy,

Sorry for slow response, there is a pivot table lesson on this site. I have attached link below: