macro revision

The current VBA macro works like this there is data in five columns what ever data that is not colored will be used to run combinations from each column from left to right.

currently when ALT f8 is depressed a box appears in which I would put the ABCDE which is the order into which the data is pulled from left to right. so it looks at the data in the columns EFGHI.

now what I need is to happen is either a new program or revision of the current one in which it produces the combinations in the same manner meaning from left to right; if there is a way get it to use the rest of the numbers to the right of the EFGHI to build the rest of the combinations. so once the first set is done for example the 1-8-5-14-18 so at the end of the list the data will start looking to the right since all of the five columns were used. so the 1-8-5-14-15 will be placed at the end of the list and will keep going until nor more combination can be made from left to right. if you have any questions let me know Thank you

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