Excel Problem VBA


I have a very big problem with Excel and searching for a solution, so any piece of advice is greatly appreciated. From what you may read will know that I'm not a very good english speaker, but I will do my best ;)

I have 2 excel workbooks. First excel workbook is a xml feed where I have applied some formulas and transform it to fit my needs, the second workbook is refreshed at 500ms and populating by a third party software ( in this case BetAngel ). I would like to export a sheet from the first excel to the second one, and link it to do some testing.

Can anyone of you have any idea on how to do that. Thanks

To export a sheet

To export a sheet...

Private Sub cmdCopyShFromBk1AddInBk2_Click()
Dim book1 As Workbook
Dim book2 As Workbook
Dim NewSh As Worksheet
Dim book1Name As String
Dim book2Name As String
Dim FylsPath As String
Dim book1PathAndName As String
Dim book2PathAndName As String
FylsPath = "D:\"
book1Name = "Bk1.xls"
book1PathAndName = FylsPath & book1Name
Workbooks.Open Filename:=book1PathAndName 'book1 is opened
Set book1 = Workbooks(book1Name)
book2Name = "Bk2.xls"
book2PathAndName = FylsPath & book2Name
Workbooks.Open Filename:=book2PathAndName 'book2 is opened
Set book2 = Workbooks(book2Name)
book1.Sheets("Sheet1").Copy after:=book2.Sheets(book2.Sheets.Count)
Set NewSh = ActiveSheet
NewSh.Name = "New Sheet"
End Sub

Hope you can now Link.