Excel Formula or VBA help !!!!!!

Hi All

I have exported a file from our main system at work and require and need to pull it into Excel 2007 to create Pivot Tables for every department.

I can do everything that i said above the problem is with the data that is exported.

Let me start in saying that the data has to do with time sheets when people logged in and out at work. Now if the person do not log in or out the system gives the following value in its excel form --- which screws my formulas and pivot tables i have created.

I am looking for a way to to just click a button and all the values that is --- on the sheet should change to 00:00:00.

Please help me it is really urgent and need to get this pivot tables done as soon as possible


Re: Excel Formula or VBA help

Is it an option use a helper column on the right hand side of your data that checks for the missing value and sets itself to the default if it is missing or to the value supplied if it is present. e.g. =IF(LEN(B2)=0,TIME(0,0,0),B2)

You could then use the helper column for your formulas and Pivot Tables

Hello This is probably too


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