Changing the Background color

Hello All,

I have tried changing the background color of multipage within the user form. But there is no properties option to change the back color. Please help in changing the back color of multipage.

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Mythili S

Changing MultiPage background color


The MultiPage have a BackColor property. However, this will change background color of MultiPage object only, but not of any single Page itself.

Here's some workaround. You can use Picture property of Page object:

 1) Create an image file with desired colour, for example using Paint, and make it 10x10 pixels for smaller file size.

 2) Assign this file to Picture property.

 3) Set PictureSizeMode property to fmPictureSizeModeStretch value.

Disadvantage: this will change colour of whole Page object without tab button.

Advantage: you can set different colours for different pages.


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