Change The Colour Of Text In A Row Depending On The Date Entered In The Last Cell

Hey all, first time poster here!

I'm working on a project for work, which includes entering in expiry dates for certain pieces of information relating to work sites. I'd like to be able to enter in a formula which will change the colour of the text in the whole row depending on what date is entered for the expiry date in a single cell. Each entry uses four cells across a row, so say I was to enter it onto Row 3, it would take up Columns A-D. The entry in Column D is titled "Expiry Date", which has dates that I have entered into it manually, depending on the values given to me.

I would like to know a relatively simple formula/format which would change the colour of text in the row automatically depending on what date it is. I'd like the current date and any dates from the past to show up in red, any dates within the next seven days to show up in orange, and any dates that are in the future outside of those 7 days to show up in green. It would be awesome if we could get them to change each time the spreadsheet is opened, updating depending on the current date.

Can anyone help me with this?


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have a look at this

have a look at this tip: