Any ideas? Excel 2010 won't maintain cell row heigth formatting when pasted from a previous page of the same workbook.

I created a simple 8 1/2" x 11" (landscape) "form" to log dieter's daily food consumption (on the weekly form). It tally's each column and row for daily and weekly caloric count. The original spreadsheet works fine but then I copied and pasted it to new sheets and the row height reverts back to the default setting on all rows except one. That one has my designed height.

As a test I copied the original "form" to a blank spreadsheet (after setting page size and orientation.) It was as described above, reverted to "default" heights (except for the one row of cells. I then copied the "error" form and pasted it on the original spreadsheet next to the good form, it reverted back to being correct.

Apparently the formatting is not carried forward. Is there a remedy for this?


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are you copying the whole

are you copying the whole row, and pasting the formatting as well as the values ?