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I have tried using the =cell("address") function with no success, I was under the impression that when entered in to a cell it would return the cell reference of the last cell to be changed,what is happening is it is returning the address of the cell that the cell function was entered in. This function would be very useful in a spread sheet with a lot of data, I am sure there are other means of doing this but the cell function should do it nice and clean and simple

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Sally.. there's no excel

Sally.. there's no excel function to do that
but take a look at this


Some one forgot to tell Microsoft that the function does not exist

Argument Example Comment
address =CELL(“address”) Returns the address of the
last changed cell.
col =CELL(“col”,Sales) Returns the column number
of the first cell in the Sales
color =CELL(“color”,B3) Tells whether a particular
cell (in this case, cell B3) is
formatted in such a way that
negative numbers are represented
in color. The number,
currency, and custom formats
have selections for displaying
negative numbers in red.
If the cell is formatted for
color-negative numbers, a 1
is returned; otherwise, a 0 is
contents =CELL(“contents”,B3) Returns the contents of a
particular cell (in this case,
cell B3). If the cell contains a
formula, returns the result of
the formula and not the formula
filename =CELL(“filename”) Returns the path, filename,
and worksheet name of the
workbook and worksheet that
has the CELL function in it
(for example, C:\Customers\
[Acme Company]Sheet1).
Results in a blank answer in
a new workbook that has not
yet been saved.
format =CELL(“format”,D12) Returns a cell’s number
format (in this case, cell D12).
See Table 15-2 for a list of
possible returned values

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I always thought it wasn't

I always thought it wasn't working well, but actually, it does work..
try this experiment:

enter =cell("address") in A1
it will return $A$1

now enter something in A2, and press SHIFT F9
your formula will return $A$2

so basically, it almost works because all it needs to do is to exclude itself, and then it will be what you want.


I was under the impression that you could enter the function and it would give the address of data already entered, handy in a large spread sheet with a lot of data and you get distracted. But you need this function entered into your spread sheet before you start data entry.

My thanks for you help, just need to tell Microsoft to come up with a =cell("last-entered") function.