Can't Open Excel file that been saved from another computer


I have saved an excel file from another computer to my pen drive. The excel file is Macro-Enable file.
When i try to open that file in my laptop, the file not open at all. Yes of course the excel window is opened but with blank blue screen. It doesn't seem like the file is opened because the header of the excel window just as "Microsoft Excel" and not the file name (image attached).

There is nothing i can click in that window except "New" and "Open" in File.

I have tried to look in to the file Properties and compared with my other file that can be open normally. The only different i found between those files are, the excel file that with this problem have "Custom" tab in properties but not with the excel file that operate normally.

Is that the reason why I am facing this? I am not sure.
I really need assistant on this matter asap.

Thanks guys!